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The Partnership’s mission is to work with and on behalf of adolescent and young adult males to optimize their health and ensure that they thrive.

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"Voices of male youth" press release


Dennis Barbour                                          

The Partnership for Male Youth


The Partnership Releases Voices of Male Youth Video Series

Young Males Speak about Consent, Norms of Masculinity, Health Care and Mental Health

Washington, DC: Today, The Partnership for Male Youth, a national non-profit organization, announced the release of "Voices of Male Youth," a series of unfettered and unscripted conversations among male youth exploring the beliefs and feelings they grapple with in today’s society. The purpose of the series is to encourage young males and others in their lives to challenge traditional or uninformed views and to spark conversations about a range of topics from consent to health care. The series is also available on our YouTube channel.


The first installment of "Voices of Male Youth" explores four subject areas: mental health, health care, norms of masculinity and consent. The participants in the first installment are in their early twenties and from a number of cultural backgrounds. Filming took place in November 2018 in New York City. The video package includes trailers as well as full video segments.


“Today, discussions about masculinity and what it means to be a young male often leave out the voices of young males themselves,” said David Bell, MD, MPH, Board Chair of the Partnership. “It is the goal of this series to encourage other young males to speak about issues which are often sensitive, while at the same time educating those they interact with about the complexities of being a young male today,” he said.


The series is a part of the Partnership for Male Youth’s Campaign for Male Youth, a movement of over 50 organizations to elevate the visibility of current challenges to the health and well-being of today’s adolescent and young adult males.


"Voices of Male Youth" is sponsored by The Partnership for Male Youth, founded in 2013. The Partnership for Male Youth is the only national organization whose sole focus is on the health and well-being of adolescent and young adult males, or males between the ages of 10 and 27. Since its inception, the Partnership for Male Youth has launched a number of educational initiatives, including sponsorship of the 2018 National Summit on Adolescent and Young Adult Male Health.