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Our Mission

The Partnership’s mission is to work with and on behalf of adolescent and young adult males to optimize their health and ensure that they thrive.

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Young Male Mental Health Writing Fellows Program

Call for Submissions!

Fall 2019

The Partnership is seeking essay submissions from young men, aged 18 to 26, on mental health issues they have personally struggled with. Essays in the vein of what we are looking for can be found here and here. You do not already need to be a writer in order to submit an essay; we will help by sending you some writing instructions and editing the final product. The goal is for the world to hear your story. Essays will be posted on an online platform, thereby encouraging others to offer their perspectives. The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2020. Grants for up to $500 will be awarded for the best five submissions.

Statistically, young men have been reluctant to speak out about their battles with mental health. This program aims to change that. Our project will release a number of essays by younger men who tell the tale of their successful battles with mental illness. Through these stories, our objective is to help young men across the world realize that they are not alone in struggling with mental health issues.

We will be defining mental illness broadly. Sometimes life circumstances result in depressive episodes, sometimes chemical imbalances do. We’re interested in both. It is also worth noting that some individuals suffer from multiple mental health issues; these are also stories we want to hear. Put briefly: if you’ve dealt with a mental health problem, then you have a story you can tell.

Essays should be up to 750 words, although this is more of a guideline than a firm limit. You can submit an already completed essay or you can submit a pitch if you want to be certain that your essay fits with our project. We are also happy to pass on a brief instructional guide on how to put together your personal essay if you find yourself uncertain of where to start. 

For more information or to submit a pitch or an essay, send an email to