​This pair of instruments is designed to make the most of clinical visits by prepping adolescent males on what to expect and giving their healthcare providers a concise checklist of targeted questions in several important health domains.

​Designed for males aged 14-18, the self-assessment tool gives the patient the scoop on what to expect from his clinical visit. It includes questions designed to help him think about how he’s feeling physically and mentally; topics include diet and exercise, substance use, relationships, immunizations and sexual health. 

Patient and Provider Risk Assessment Tools for the Well Young Male Visit

The companion piece to the self- assessment for young male patients will trigger questions healthcare providers want to ask, even for patients in the office for a basic sports physical. Covering the same topics as the patient self-assessment tool, this piece is designed so that multiple topics can be addressed efficiently during every medical visit.

PMY Weekly News Roundup Library


This fully searchable database of past issues of PMY's Weekly News Roundup since 2012 contains over 3,000 summaries of scholarly and popular literature on the health and well-being of males ages 10 through 26. Each summary includes an embedded link to the original source material.

This is the first time that current literature about the health related needs of this population has been cataloged in a searchable data base. Each of the documents in the database is searchable by keyword or phrase.

Provider Skill Sets and Tools: Young Males and Mental Health

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The Partnership’s mission is to work with and on behalf of adolescent and young adult males to optimize their health and ensure that they thrive.

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