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The Partnership for Male Youth

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Dennis Barbour, JD | President and CEO


Our Mission

The Partnership’s mission is to work with and on behalf of adolescent and young adult males to optimize their health and ensure that they thrive.

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PMY Releases New Resource

on Young Male Health

PMY is pleased to announce the release of a new informational resource on young male health. This series of five fact sheets lays out what we know about five types of disorders that adversely impact young males in distinctive ways. To access the full library of PDFs go here or click on the image to the left.




Call For Submissions

PMY Young Male Mental Health

Writing Fellows Program

The Partnership for Male Youth is pleased to announce the launch of its Young Male Mental Health Writing Fellows Program. Under a competitive system, selected Fellows ages 18-26 will create a collection of stories, drawing on personal experiences, news and culture that will amplify their voices and perspectives on young adult male mental health. The collection will be posted online on an interactive text and video platform, designed to encourage other young males to respond to the stories.

For more information go here

What We’ve Accomplished

The Partnership's "Voices of Male Youth" Series
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Founded in 2013, we are a broad-based partnership of leaders and organizations from a range of disciplines that deal with issues that impact the health of adolescent and young adult (AYA) males. Our disciplines include medicine, psychology, education, and juvenile justice, among others. All of our work is informed through the involvement of young males themselves.

Our Mission​

The Partnership’s mission is to work with and on behalf of adolescent and young adult males to optimize their health and ensure that they thrive.


The Partnership strives for a world in which adolescent and young adult males are valued as assets and where their health and wellbeing are promoted.

The mission of the Partnership is accomplished through eight principle endeavors:

  • Identifying and addressing the unmet      health needs of AYA males through evidence-based approaches;

  • Improving public awareness and advocacy for the health needs of AYA males;

  • Building on promising and successful models to address the needs of AYA males;

  • Engaging stakeholders and building partnerships in synergistic efforts to advance AYA male health;

  • Developing resources for stakeholders and individuals working with AYA males; 

  • Engaging AYA males in advancing their own health and wellbeing;

  • Addressing the underlying social determinants of health for AYA males; and

  • Promoting health equity for AYA males by building on their strengths

"Voices of Male Youth" is a series of unfettered and unscripted conversations among male youth exploring the beliefs and feelings that they grapple with in today's society.
The first installment of "Voices of Male Youth" explores four subject areas: mental health, health care, norms of masculinity and consent. The participants in the first installment are in their early twenties and from a number of cultural backgrounds. Filming took place in November 2018 in New York City.
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